Drake or Kanye – Who has more cred with investors?

With the release of Donda and Certified Lover Boy, Drake and Kanye battle it out on the charts. But, does the investor interest in these artist's songs match the chart appeal?
September 16, 2021

Drake and Kanye West just released albums within weeks of one another. Both got the usual hype and attention from industry players and fans alike. Plenty of listeners have chosen sides on the quality of each album, but what are the implications beyond the music?

For years, Drake and Kanye royalties that come on the Royalty Exchange marketplace generate a big buzz among the thousands of investors on the platform. Given the brands of these artists, it's not hard to get investors to open their eyes (and their wallets) for a catalog that features music by either star.

With the release of Donda and Certified Lover Boy, we took a look at some of the best deals featuring Drake or Kanye music that have closed on Royalty Exchange in the past.

Best Kanye Deals

"All of The Lights"

Sale Price: $27,700

Multiple: 7.22x

See the Details >


Sale Price: $18,000

Multiple: 7.82x

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Best Drake Deals

"In My Feelings"

Price: $267,094

Multiple: 7.21x

See the Details >

"Furthest Thing"

Sale Price: $40,100

Multiple: 6.17x

See the Details >

"Best I've Ever Had"

Sale Price: $33,900

Multiple: 10.07x

See the Details >


Sale Price: $8,350

Multiple: 5.52x

See the Details >

Based on what we see on the platform, It's a toss up who commands the highest prices and multiples. But, it's clear that Drake or Kanye music in a catalog usually pushes what investor would pay up significantly.

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