About Royalty Exchange

About Royalty Exchange

Royalty Exchange helps artists and other creative rightsholders raise money by connecting them to private investors interested in buying royalties. We offer a centralized, open marketplace to conduct royalty auctions, bringing transparency to a historically private process. The result maximizes value for royalty owners and provides a standardized and secure alternative investment opportunity for buyers and investors.

Originally founded in 2011 and privately held, Royalty Exchange is based in Denver, CO. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Our Vision

An effective marketplace is one that brings buyers and sellers together in a way that maximizes the value for all involved. At Royalty Exchange, we believe the best way to accomplish this is through openness and transparency.

Historically, royalty sales have taken place in private, limiting the volume of deals struck and offering no insight into the value of the assets involved. Royalty Exchange instead offers a centralized marketplace where royalties are bought and sold through a competitive bidding process open to all.

Open markets:

  • Give both buyer and seller the confidence that they are receiving a fair deal by allowing the market to determine the price of each transaction, rather than industry insiders

  • Encourage more transactions by connecting buyers and sellers directly, eliminating the bottleneck private brokers and middlemen create.

The result gives sellers more financial options and a path to better leverage their creative assets, while providing buyers with greater diversification of assets and liquidity.


  • Matt Smith

    Matt Smith


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