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"Empire State of Mind"
Songwriter royalties for the worldwide No. 1
"Black Water"
Publishing royalties for the Doobie Brothers’ classic hit
Producer royalties behind several metal albums
"Don't Stop The Music"
Publishing from the multi-platinum pop hit
"How Not To"
Songwriter royalties for the No. 1 Country hit by Dan & Shay
"Hot Boy"
Writer's Royalties for a star-studded hip-hop catalog
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Today’s Dollar is More Valuable Than Tomorrow’s

Accept an Instant Offer to get paid in days, or test the market by setting your own price… either way, you will collect years worth of royalty payments upfront that you can put to use immediately.

Fund your next release. Make up for lost gig income. Retire. How you use the proceeds is up to you.

No Recoupment, No Repayment

It’s not a loan or an advance. It’s a one-time sale, and the proceeds are 100% debt-free.

You can even choose a temporary sale where you get your royalties back after a few years.

The best part… this is for your back catalog only. You keep all the royalties you earn from any music you release in the future.

Keep Your Copyrights

You don’t have to give up ownership of your intellectual property to get the best deal.

Selling a passive interest in your current royalties lets you keep your copyrights while collecting years’ worth of payments upfront.

Start a Bidding War

Make the largest community of buyers in the world compete over you.

Our network of over 25,000 private and institutional investors have a proven interest in buying music catalogs... and the funds to do so.

Sell Only What You Want & Keep The Rest

These are not all-or-nothing deals. You can select just the specific songs—or even just the portion of those songs—you want to sell, and keep the rest for yourself.

Our valuation experts will help you determine the best strategy to accomplish your goals.

We Work For You

Our fee structure ensures that our interests are aligned with yours.

Unlike companies that offer you an advance, we don’t negotiate against you. The better result you get, the better we do.

Free Catalog Earnings Analysis

Whether you decide to work with us or not, you’ll walk away with a free, no-obligation analysis of your catalog earnings.

Use it to negotiate a better publishing deal, or optimize your marketing strategy. It’s up to you and it’s completely free.

What our customers are saying

“I took the money and invested it in commercial real estate. Just treating it like a business.”
Jahlil Beats
“I kept all my publishing and sold just my songwriter share. I really didn’t know the value of that until Royalty Exchange showed me. It really blew my mind. If I can cash in on that now and make game-changing decisions for my family... it was a no brainer. ”
Ben Stennis
“It was the smoothest, most enjoyable experience. I never felt like I didn’t know what was going on. I’m looking forward to doing more stuff with you in the future.”

Dr. Chaii
Hey, it's Ant
I’ve spent my entire career helping artists get paid.

I joined Royalty Exchange because it’s the only company built to serve all artists, not just the 1%.

As a music creator, you’re the one creating value in this business.

We’re here to put that value where it belongs… in your wallet.
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Ant Martini
CEO, Royalty Exchange
Text me @ +1 (323) 880-2637
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