The Royalty Investment Opportunity

Why Royalties Belong In Your Portfolio

Investors are always looking for ways to protect their money. Stock and bond markets can be unpredictable. Which is why many turn to alternative investments to diversify.

Royalties provide a great option to do so. Owners of intellectual property get paid every time someone uses their work. They create an asset once, and then collect payment over and over again.

Why Royalties Could Be The Perfect Income Investment: A Real World Example

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Benefits To Investors



Royalty payments, especially music royalties, perform independently of public markets.


Royalties generate income that rivals bonds and dividend-paying stocks.


Royalties have a track record of earnings, paid regularly.

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Here's how we can help you add passive royalty income to your portfolio:

How To Invest

Royalty Exchange offers multiple ways to invest in royalties. They include our flagship auction marketplace and our new Private Syndicate program. 

Royalty Auctions

Our online marketplace allows investors like you to get find quality royalty investment opportunities directly from the owners themselves.

This gives you direct access to cash-generating intellectual property rights previously available only to institutional investors and industry insiders.

We don’t conduct backroom deals or broker private transactions. Instead, we facilitate public auctions and on a level playing field where everyone has access to the same information and opportunities.

Each listing includes the details necessary to help investors understand the income stream listed for sale:

  • Historical earnings of the catalog
  • Relevant rights and catalog information
  • Links to contextual research, news, and other information

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Royalty Exchange listings are structured in one of following ways:

Term Based

Investment Term: Fixed (10 Years)

Resale Ability?: Yes

Availability: Frequent

Format: Auction

Life of Rights

Investment Term: Perpetual

Resale Ability?: Yes

Availability: Occasional

Format: Auction

Peer Advance

Investment Term: Varies

Resale Ability?: No

Availability: Rare

Format: First-Come, First-Served

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Order Book

The newest way to invest on Royalty Exchange is through the Order Book. 

This streamlined approach to royalty investing increases the deal flow and provide more flexible options to invest.

There are two sides to the Royalty Exchange Order Book.

Secondary Market

The sell side of the Order Book contains the largest selection of music catalog investments in the world.

Here, rights holders make music catalogs available indefinitely through a “Sell Order.” They can name a price they’re willing to accept for an immediate sale, solicit offers over time, or both.

Each Sell Order contains in-depth earning information about the catalog, including:

  • Lifetime royalty payments

  • Recent earning trends

  • Top Earning sources

All of these statistics are frequently updated using analysis software, so earning information is always up to date. You’ll also find a full list of tracks included in the catalog. 

Right now, you can browse all of the catalogs available. At any time, there are millions of dollars worth of royalties available. Click below to see what’s available.

Order Book | Secondary Market >

If you’d like to purchase or make offers on the Order Book, first get verified by our investment team by calling +1-800-718-2269.

Buy Side

The buy side of the Order Book is the most automated way to invest on Royalty Exchange. 

These are standing offers to invest in royalty assets that meet predefined criteria. Investors select several parameters catalogs must meet, including age, earnings level, earnings trend, music type, and more.

Catalogs match to these orders and rightsholders can accept the matching offer for and advance of catalog sale.

Currently, only members of our All Access Investor program can place Buy Orders. To learn more about all the benefits of our exclusive membership, Click Here.

Private Syndicates

Private Syndicates give accredited investors the ability to buy an equity interest in multi-million dollar, top-tier, income-producing catalogs too large for the auction marketplace.

For each Private Syndicate, we'll create an LLC to hold the music royalties in question. Each is specifically set up to hold a single catalog and direct royalty income to its shareholders. Investors participate by purchasing units in that LLC, and are then entitled to their proportional share of income it generates.

Unlike auctions, there is no bidding. The cost of Private Syndicate units are known in advance, giving you the flexibility to take a position size in each catalog that best suits you. And only accredited investors can participate.

All Access Investor

Anyone can sign up for a Royalty Exchange account to bid on auctions and receive Private Syndicate notifications for free. However, we also offer a premium membership—All Access Investor—which provides significant additional benefits that include:  

  • Waived buyer's fees on auctions
  • Exclusive royalty asset valuation tools
  • A discount on listing fees on the auction house
  • Early access to Private Syndicate deals
  • Discounted pricing on Private Syndicates

Read more about becoming an All Access Investor

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“I have been investing in music rights through Royalty Exchange for only six months, but already seen significant returns through royalty streams.”
Martin Diessner
Co-Founder of Flip Media
“I have been acquiring royalty rights through RE since mid 2011 to build a consistent revenue stream with reliable payments. RE has been instrumental in identifying realistic opportunities and ensuring the payments are settled in a timely fashion.”
Klaus Lovgreen
Founder of Evershift and Tech Investor
“Experts in the field and have reputations for integrity and fair dealing.”
Bob Rice
Editor at Bloomberg & Founder of Tangent Capital