Frequently Asked Questions

Seller Questions

How much can I get for my royalties?

What types of royalties can I sell?

Do I need to own 100% of the track/catalog?

Can I sell just a portion of my royalty revenue?

Is this a royalty advance?

How quickly can I raise money?

What documentation do I need to provide in order to sell?

Who sets the starting price and minimum bid amount?

When will I receive the proceeds from my sale?

What fees can I expect if I sell my royalties through Royalty Exchange?

How can I get started?

Why would anyone sell their royalties?

Do I have to give up my rights?

What other artists have you worked with?

Who are the investors buying royalties?

Can the buyer control the licensing of my work or tell me what to do?

Do I have to do anything?

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Buyer Questions

What are royalties?

What am I buying?

Do you provide revenue data for each royalty stream?

How long is the term of a royalty stream investment?

When and how will I receive royalty payments?

How do the auctions work?

What is a starting price and when will the auction end?

May I place a bid higher than the minimum bid amount?

What happens at the end of an auction?

What happens if I win an auction?

May I license an asset once I purchase its royalty stream?

How are royalty payments taxed?

Can an owner amortize or depreciate the cost of the music royalties over time?

How do I verify the legitimacy and legality of a transaction?

Do I have to be an accredited investor to bid on an auction?

May I bid on an auction if I'm not a U.S. citizen?

Can I invest in royalties with my IRA?

Are performing rights organizations (PROs) involved in pricing and rates of music. Are they incentivized to drive rates up or down?

Who Determines Royalty Rates?

Apple talked about trying to lower royalty rates on music recently. Am I exposed to any risk, if this happens?

What’s the range of how much royalties pay?

How are royalty investments affected by inflation/deflation?

If I win an auction that has international royalties, am I taking currency risk?

How should I be valuing these assets?

Is there any source of data that tracks overall music royalties by year?

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