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What We Do

Royalty Exchange offers a new and innovative way to buy and sell royalties.

Our platform applies modern technology and free market standards to ensure sellers receive the fair market value for their work, while offering buyers an alternative investment opportunity with openness and fairness.

How it Works. Easy. Efficient. Secure.

Our auctions allow rightsholders to sell a portion of their royalties through an online bidding process with multiple buyers interested in alternative investment opportunities. Sellers can choose to retain control over their copyrights, and are not required to sell 100% of their royalty stake. 

  • Buyers know they’re getting fair market value.
  • Sellers know they’re getting the best price the market can support.

Our Process

  1. We identify, qualify, and package royalty assets to make available at auction through our online platform.
  2. Interested investors bid on the royalty asset for the duration of the auction.
  3. Our team of experts makes the closing process quick and easy for both parties.
  4. Sellers receive payment; investors receive the royalty revenue.

Available in every royalty auction are rights and catalog information, financial data, media (if applicable) and any other informative source that will make every user’s experience more efficient and simplified.

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