The Big Break Podcast

Have you ever wondered who is responsible for the songs you hear on the radio? Thousands upon thousands of artists pour their hearts and souls into work that most people will never even know exists. What separates the hits? Every week I sit down with songwriters responsible for some of the biggest songs that sweep the world to find out: how did they get there? What was their journey? My name is Gary Young, and this is The Big Break.

Episode 1:

Bruce Waynne

Bruce Waynne of Midi Mafia joins us to discuss his journey through the music industry. Bruce grew up in the Bronx, slinging mixtapes and CD’s in his local neighborhood, and his experiences creating music helped propel him to heights he couldn’t imagine as a young man. He is a golden example of how your network can help you grow. In this first installment, we get to learn how Bruce’s connections were instrumental in getting him in front of and comfortable with the right people, while priming him for an explosive career.

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