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With your All Access Investor membership, you’ve joined an exclusive group of investors that enjoy access to premium features, benefits, and opportunities unavailable outside this group.

All Access Investor Benefits

Early Access to Private Syndicates

You get exclusive early access to Private Syndicates, which give investors ability to buy equity interest in  multi-million dollar, top-tier, income producing catalogs too large for the exchange

Discounted Private Syndicate Pricing

You receive discounted unit pricing on Private Syndicates. 

Investor Insights and Valuation Tools 

You receive our investor insights and exclusive royalty valuation tools as we develop them. 

Auction Fees Waived 

You will no longer pay any transaction fees for royalties purchased on the exchange. 

Listing Fee Discount 

You receive a 20% discount on listing fees for auctions. So, if you wanted to liquidate an asset you purchased on the exchange, we take 20% off the normal listing fees.