Success Stories

We’ve helped all kinds of artists raise money in different ways, and for different reasons. Here are just a few examples of who we’ve helped, and how. 

Learn more about why artists choose Royalty Exchange with these Case Studies

Songwriter Turns to Royalty Exchange to Hold Out for a Better Publishing Deal

The ability to say no is a powerful position to be in. We caught up with Lee Anna McCollum in [...]

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Using Royalty Exchange to Preserve An Artistic Legacy

Son of the sampling pioneer Dickie Goodman raises funds to perpetuate his father's lasting legacy

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The Secret This Songwriter Used to Become a Recording Artist

Selling her old catalog gave this songwriter the artistic closure she needed to put her work for others behind her [...]

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How One Indie Label Paid For New Releases Using Older Songs

Cash flow is a constant concern for indie labels, so finding new sources of investment and revenue is critical. Abducted [...]

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This Crowdfunding Alternative Helped One Producer Raise Money For A New Album

Producer Behind a Fatboy Slim Classic Turns to Investors To Raise Money For New Album

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Lessons From A Songwriter: Emotional Attachment vs. Financial Opportunity

The world's full of artists waiting for the day their back catalog will generate meaningful earnings again. But only some [...]

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How To Raise Money, And Keep Your Rights

Songwriter wanted to keep the rights to a hit he wrote in high school, but still raise money. Here's how [...]

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Competition Doubles Asking Price For a Modern Classic

Why the first offer is rarely the best offer... a case for 'playing the field.'

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Audiobook 'Hobby' Helps Fund a New Career

Audiobook royalties delivered an unexpected windfall for this unlikely author.

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