Everything you need to know about selling music & media royalties

Monetizing Music & Media Royalties

Music Royalties: Recording artists, songwriters and music publishers understand that the concept of a stable income is something more to be dreamt about than to be had in the music industry. We at Royalty Exchange understand that, for a music professional, receiving yearly royalty payments little by little, just doesn’t always cut it.

We specialize in connecting music industry professionals with accredited investors, creating valuable and timely transactions for both parties. We provide songwriters, publishers and recording artists with an efficient way to get upfront cash for their music royalties.

Songwriters can choose to monetize any portion of their ASCAP, BMI or SESAC writer’s share of public performance or production music royalties. Recording artists also have the option to monetize their royalty-based assets and sell any portion of their producer royalties. This allows artists to creatively leverage earnings out of previous hits and high earning titles to fund upcoming projects or personal financial obligations.

Film & TV Royalties: Royalties in film and television, better known as residuals, are paid when a movie or program is rebroadcasted. After a film’s theatrical release or the premier airing of a television show, directors, actors, actresses, writers and other key creatives involved in the work’s production are paid residuals for any subsequent airing including DVD release, broadcast television, syndication and new media use such as Netflix and Hulu streaming.

At Royalty Exchange, we specialize in connecting directors, performers, producers and other creatives with accredited investors, in an effort to convert their royalty assets into an upfront, one-time payment. We provide film and television industry professionals the opportunity to monetize their assets including film and television residuals (royalties), film tax credits and film receivables.

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How Royalty Exchange Works

  • We provide potential sellers with free no-obligation estimates
  • A seller’s listing agreement is signed, and the auction detail page is produced.
  • We work with the seller to identify the best auction Reserve Price for the royalty asset (if it doesn’t sell at reserve there is no cost to seller).
  • Thousands of investors bid and compete for the listing, driving up the value.
  • We handle the closing process and get the proceeds to the seller as quickly as possible.

Why You Would Sell Your Royalties

Investment: Upfront royalty payments can be a source of revenue to pursue possible investment opportunities.

Expand: Monetizing your assets can help with future projects.

Less Risk: Selling a portion of royalty revenue can decrease your risk.

Personal Finance: Every transaction is completed in a timely manner, providing you with fast, upfront cash to meet your needs.

As an artist, creator or filmmaker, you may find that monetizing your royalties could be a useful way to finance your next project or meet financials obligations. Artists that have worked with us have used the funds generated to finance documentaries, buy a home, and record their newest album. We will work closely with you to help you market and sell your asset to our investor base. If you’d like to learn more, please feel free to contact us!