Everything you need to know about Royalties

Royalty Exchange handles a variety of royalty types. Browse the industries below to learn more about each type of royalty.

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Music Royalties Guide

All you ever wanted to know about the different kinds of royalties and how they're collected.

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Mechanical and Performance Royalties: What's the Difference?

Learn what differentiates these two very important royalty streams, and what it means for investors

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Buying Music Royalties 101

Learn how to evaluate music royalties with these eight simple steps

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Guide to Sync Royalties

Music used in TV, movies, and commercials can generate huge returns for three reasons

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Royalty Distribution: Who Collects What For Who?

A quick visual guide to how different royalties are collected by different organizations, and pay different people.

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About Production Music

Discover the opportunities of this overlooked and misunderstood category of music

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What Are Neighboring Rights?

Short answer--they pay recording artists for public performances. Long answer... it's complicated.

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