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We help Music Creators with ASCAP & BMI get great deals.

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Why Royalty Exchange?

We offer a no-hassle, no-haggling approach to music financing where investors compete to offer you the best deal. Here’s how.

Flexible Options

Term Advance

We deliver big advances at better terms. Investors compete to acquire a portion of your royalty stream, which you then get back after an agreed-upon term.

You’re never obligated to meet a repayment figure or schedule. And, all your future work is 100% yours.

Royalty Sale

If you’re looking to leverage all or only a portion of your catalog to raise money, our auction platform ensures you’ll get the best price the market can support. 

We handle the marketing, paperwork, and more. You just collect the proceeds.

Custom Solutions

Alternative "tailor-made" options are available for particularly large or iconic catalogs where our standard platform might not fit the need. 

Get in touch with us we can talk through some of our customized solutions.

Why It Works


You get the best deal, at the best terms. 22,500+ investors compete for the right to win your business.


There are no upfront costs. No predatory terms or penalties. There’s no repayment amount you’re obligated to meet.


You decide how much you want to raise. You control the terms of the deal and what work you want to sell. 
You keep all future work.

You don’t have to negotiate with us for an advance, or a loan, or a catalog sale. In fact, you don’t have to negotiate at all. On Royalty Exchange, you will connect with investors who compete for YOU.

Any other company out there that gives advances or buys catalogs is negotiating against you... trying to get the best deal for themselves. At Royalty Exchange, we only win when you win.

Who We've Worked With

The Process

You talk with our fundraising experts about your catalog and goals, and we perform and in-depth analysis to figure out how we can help you meet your fundraising goals.

We package and market whatever portion of your royalties you decide to sell. Then, we run an online auction where our community of investors bid up the price on your catalog.

The highest bidder wins the auction and we manage the closing and transfer processes. We handle payment from the investor - all you have to do is deposit the check!


Is this a Royalty Advance?

No, this is a sale of a percentage of your royalty income in return for upfront payment of future earnings. It’s better than an advance because it allows you to continue earning royalties on the percent that you don’t sell, and doesn’t involve predatory or confusing payback terms or interest rates.

Do I have to give up my rights?

No. In fact, most of the artists working with Royalty Exchange don’t sell their copyright. They just sell a passive interest in their royalty revenue stream, while keeping all control. You also will remain credited as the songwriter on the composition.

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