An Advance That’s Music To Your Ears


You already know what a traditional advance is. We created a new genre which allows you to raise a lot of money without taking on debt or giving up control of your royalties.

At Royalty Exchange, investors compete for the right to give you an advance through an online auction. They have to win your business. This means larger advances at better rates

Unlike a traditional advance that you have to pay back, our Term Advance reverts your royalties back to you after 10 years - no matter what. There's nothing to repay. Guaranteed.

You control the process. You decide how much of your catalog to auction. You decide what to do with the proceeds.

Want to learn more? 

  1. Fill out the form below.
  2. Your personal Royalty Expert contacts you, explains the process and answers any questions.
  3. Our analysts run a free & confidential royalty evaluation for you based on your past royalty statements.
  4. Together, we discuss your options and you decide if you’d like to move forward.
  5. We create your listing and market it to over 22,500+ individual investors.
  6. Your auction goes live on our site.
  7. Competitive bidding among investors drive up the price, and the highest bidder wins.
  8. You collect the proceeds. 
  9. At the end of the advance term, your royalties revert back to you.
  10. You tell your friends about the awesome experience!

Ready to advance your future? If you’re earning over $2,500 a year in royalties, fill out the form below and a Royalty Expert will be in contact with you shortly.