What's Happening to Your Royalties?

Not know what to expect from your royalty payments? 

Here's some good news. You can get free analytics that help you figure out everything that's happening in your catalog. Keep reading below to see all the benefits of connecting an account to Know Your Worth.

Start Tracking Your Royalties

Know Your Worth

The free app that connects to your music catalog and analyzes every royalty stream that you’re getting paid. 

See in-depth royalty analytics on every song you’ve released, find out who is paying you the most and see verified offers for your older music right now.


songwriters track their royalties on Know Your Worth

You can too, for free.

Track catalog earnings

Do you know where your royalty payments are headed?

Easily track your royalty earnings over time, so you have a better idea of what your next payment will look like.


  • Track your royalty earnings
  • Plan for your next payment

Who pays you the most?

Does Spotify and Apple Music get you more money, or does radio pay more?

Automatically sort through every payment from every source to get the easy to understand breakdown.

Answer questions like

  • “Should I get in with streaming artist more often?”
  • “Should I focus on getting more sync placements?”

Where does your money come from?

Every country pays royalties differently. That’s why some of people’s minds were blown when they found out which countries paid them the most.

The geography tool pinpoints where every royalty payment came from so you can find out...

  • The countries that pay you the most
  • What part of your income comes from overseas
  • What international artists you need to collab with

See offers on your music

Your catalog is matched to verified offers in seconds. Investors have pre-bid for music catalogs, and if yours qualifies, you’ll see their live offers.

You can use this tool to take out an advance or sell a portion of your catalog to the network of private investors. It’s like an IPO for your music.

How you can use Instant Offers:

  • Get fast, secure access to funding for new projects
  • A verified 3rd party valuation
  • Bargaining power for entering a new deal

Integrated Royalty Distributors


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Connect Sony/ATV

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as of JULY 2019

“It’s wonderful you guys have this platform. It’s nice to have an option with your own stuff rather than a bank or a publishing deal.”

Tony Love
ASCAP Songwriter
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