How You Can Upload Music and Make Money Online | The Music Development Agency

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Apr 16, 2018

What do Shawn Mendes, Karmin and The Weeknd have in common? They were YouTube stars before hitting it big in the mainstream world of pop charts and top 40 music stations. Armed with laptops, each used the groundswell of internet to gain listeners when they’d upload music and make money online. It’s the great thing about the internet is these individuals aren’t the only ones who can make it, you can too.

Distribution Sites
Begin with your music in a shareable format using a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) on your computer. From there, you’ll want to distribute your tracks in all places with good discoverability. One of the best-known sites for this purpose is Soundcloud. Create an account and start uploading for free. Like Halsey, before she signed with Astralwerks when her song, “Ghost,” went viral within hours of posting. 

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