This Week in Royalties: Oct. 10 - 14

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Oct 14, 2016

Perhaps the biggest songwriter news of the week was Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize in Literature… a huge recognition of the art of songwriting, and an endorsement of lyrics as an art form.

But there was plenty other important news items that received less attention which songwriters and anyone interested in music royalties should keep on their radar. The most notable are:

Infographic: A Basic Explanation of Streaming Money (Billboard)
Labyrinthine. Byzantine. Serpentine. There are a lot of words that describe the music industry, but "simple" isn't one of them.

Music Streaming Hits a Tipping Point (Medium)
As music purchases fall, streaming services are about to become the largest contributors of royalties to artists and labels.

Everything A Musician Must Know About Digital Distribution (Hypebot)
Here we offer a concise guide on how artists can make digital distribution work for them.

Digital Data Exchange (DDEX), the organisation which sets the benchmark for data sharing in the digital music industry, has launched of a new set of standards for music creators.

The Dot Blockchain Music Project & The Future of Music Royalties (Performer Mag)
Fair Trade Music and the Dot Blockchain Music Project: Benji Rogers on How Virtual Reality & Bitcoin Will Shape the Future of Royalty & Licensing Transparency in the Music Industry