This Daddy Yankee Platinum-Certified Hit is an Investor’s Top Pick

“Rompe” gives fans a chance to own royalties from reggaetón’s ‘Big Boss’
May 30, 2024

When his Latin GRAMMY-nominated "Gasolina" became a global hit, rapper Daddy Yankee was relentless in following up his success with one hit after another such as "Impacto," "Ella Me Levantó" and “Lovumba.” To date, he has five albums that peaked at number one in the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart, 13 titles on the Billboard Hot 100, and the title – The King of Reggaetón.

In 2005, just a year after breaking into the mainstream music industry with his hit album “Barrio Fino,” Puerto Rico’s pride released "Rompe" (or “break it”) that helped him solidify his place as one of the most influential Hispanic artists globally. The song, which was built on a backbone of reggaeton's signature dembow rhythm, dominated both the airwaves and dance floors a few weeks after its release. The New York Times describes it as “a pulsing dance track embroidered with Yankee's trademark staccato rhyming.”

The song’s verses are filled with a sharp, rhythmic precision, where the rapper’s voice cuts through the beats with his signature Latino flair. It’s a celebration of Daddy Yankee breaking free from the norm, and a warm welcome to his newfound fame that’s far from his simple life in the outskirts of San Juan.

"Rompe" dominated Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks chart for more than three months, peaked at number 24 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and was at number 74 for the chart’s year-end special. The song was also a hit in Germany, Peru and Venezuela, and became a Platinum-certified hit by the RIAA. It was also nominated for "Best Latin/Reggaeton Track" at the Annual International Dance Music Awards in 2007.

Royalty Earnings

“Rompe’s” Royalty Exchange listing has a very profitable history. In 2022, the royalties were sold for $10,500, which was 10.69 times the earnings in the last 12 months. 

At that time of its purchase, its total earnings since 2011 only amounted to $5,969. Today, it has already gone up to $10,478. The new owner ​received $4,050 in 2.13 years of holding the asset since they purchased it. That’s a total yield of 38.6% thus far!

Today, fans of Daddy Yankee have a chance to own these royalties through Royalty Exchange. It has recorded its peak earnings in 2022 with $2,384, marking a 177% increase since 2019.

“Rompe” is heavily streamed online, earning a total of $1,371 in the last 12 months, followed by Radio with $261. It has a total of 285 million streams on Spotify, and 87.4 million views on YouTube.

Interested in Investing in this Listing? 

The La Última Vuelta World Tour was Daddy Yankee’s 22-week farewell concert series that earned a total gross of $205 million in 2022. It sold more than 1.9 million tickets across the United States, Canada and Latin America. But even though he announced his retirement from the music industry in December 2023, his popularity will remain among reggaetón fans, who will be very influential in the financial performance of this listing. This song is an all time classic and will remain an evergreen streaming juggernaut in the future. 

With three songs that hit one billion streams on Spotify, six Latin GRAMMY wins, a diamond certification from the RIAA (for “Despacito”), and best-selling Latin albums worldwide later, the artist is no doubt going to be very influential in the years to come.

Check out its asset details today and place your offer now. Royalty Exchange also has other hip-hop music catalogs that are up for auction today, so sign up as an investor to get started.

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