This Annuity-Like Investment Just Got A Boost

April 11, 2016

Traditional annuities are boring investments. The "magic" seems to happen behind the curtain. You pay upfront for a benefit you'll receive sometime in the future.

Then it's all up to the insurance company. They make investments into things you'll never see or hear. Your statement is merely an assurance that the annuity will keep paying out. You never really know if it's good or bad.

But what if you could receive payments every six months on something you could see and hear? And those payments have been consistent for almost 20 years?

That's exactly what the latest auction on Royalty Exchange offers.

Check out how smooth the payments have been in the since 2012.


That adds up to over $15,000 a year, paid out every 6 months.

You see, this "annuity" is really a stream of income from the sale of music. Not just any music either - it's music from The Eurythmics, BeeGees, and Judas Priest. And the annuity is the royalties paid out whenever a CD is sold or one of the songs from this 332 song catalog gets downloaded.

As the owner, you'd get paid.

And despite the consistency of the income, there's something about these famous 70's bands that just won't go away.

Judas Priest just released a new DVD of their live tours.

And the song "Beyond the Realms of Death" is featured in the DVD. Better yet, that DVD is now #2 in sales on Billboard's chart.


The auction to own this song and 331 others is ending soon.

Click here to see the details.

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