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These helpful sites, apps, & organizations might just be the key to earning a living as a music creator.
June 13, 2018

Royalty Exchange is a unique financing solution for creators of all types.

What sets us apart is that our marketplace connects creators like you with investors interested in purchasing only a share of your royalty income stream… letting you keep your all your music rights. Just like a company sells shares of stock to investors while keeping ownership of their business, you can sell shares in your royalty earnings without giving away your catalog.

And just like buying shares, investors need to review a history of earnings before they can make a purchase decision. That means the creators we work with must have a history of earning royalties for investors to evaluate.

Many creators are not at that point in their career just yet. If you’re one of those who can’t yet take advantage of our marketplace, we can point out some important resources that might help you get there faster. Be sure to check them out.  


Perhaps the best place to start is to register with a performing rights organization (PRO). These groups are charged with collecting public performance royalties due to artists for the broadcast of their work in clubs, on streaming platforms, and on the radio. Registering with one ensures you’re paid for the use of your music (if and when it is used).


ASCAP vs BMI vs SESAC: The Big Three, Who’s for Me?

And if you’re a performing artist, don’t forget SoundExchange, which collects performance royalties for sound recordings on digital platforms.


If you have established fans, friends, and family that might support your new project, there are platforms designed to engage them in that effort. These common crowdfunding sites can help:

Independent Distributors

When your album is ready and you want to get it streaming everywhere these services can make it happen for you at nominal fees:

Music Placement Services

Get your professional recordings placed in commercials, film, tv and other platforms:

Royalty Collection Services

Make sure you’re claiming all the royalties you’re owed:

Helpful Applications to manage your business and creative life:

Analytics to Understand Where Your Fans Are:



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