Royalty Exchange Closing Process

Jan 15, 2020

Once a deal is confirmed on Royalty Exchange, our account team reaches out to the buyer to begin the closing process. Here’s what you can expect:

1. Send Payment

Shortly after deal acceptance (either through an auction closing or an accepted offer through the secondary market or standing order), Royalty Exchange will send payment instructions. Buyers must submit the full amount for the asset purchase within 2 business days of receiving payment instructions. 

2. Sign the Purchase Agreement

Both the seller and buyer will need to sign the Purchase Agreement. This is a standard agreement between just the two parties in the transaction, which you can review here.

3. Sign the Accounting Agreement

Royalty Exchange processes royalty payments for all assets acquired on our site. This requires  an Accounting Agreement between the buyer and Royalty Exchange. This is also a standard agreement that you can review here.

4. Set Up Your PaymentHub Account

Royalty Exchange uses a system called PaymentHub to process royalty payments. Shortly after the payment instructions are sent, our accounting team will send an invitation to create an account with PaymentHub. Once complete, just sit back and watch your royalty payments come in!

The entire closing process takes about five business days on average. Throughout the entire process, a Royalty Exchange team member will be there to walk beside you and answer any questions as they arise.