Investor Buys Hip Hop and R&B Listing Royalties for $27,000

These tracks’ earnings increased by 767% since 2020
May 7, 2024

Detroit native rapper DeJ Loaf has had a string of hip-hop hits since 2014. One of these is "Me U & Hennessy," a sultry standout from her 2014 mixtape, “Sell Sole.” The track unfolds an R&B and hypnotic beat with her sensual vocals and street-wise grit. It’s a toast to late nights, deep connections, and the kind of conversations that only happen under the spell of DeJ Loaf's unique vocal style and the influence of – what else but – Hennessy.

An official remix was released after a few days featuring Lil Wayne who did a cameo in the music video. In an interview, DeJ Loaf said, "It’s really like a personal song, some songs don’t need to be touched sometimes. And if it was going to be touched, I wanted it to be great, so he did a great job. I was going crazy. I was like: ‘Wow, he really did it. This is crazy.’ I knew he was going to do it just the way he did it.”

"Me U & Hennessy" reached number six in the U.S. Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart, and peaked at number 38 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

Royalty Earnings

"Me U & Hennessy" is part of a 20-track listing at Royalty Exchange that features other hip-hop and R&B hits from Lil Wayne, Monica, and DMX. At Royalty Exchange, investors can earn revenue from royalties like this song. In 2023, the listing earned $14,283, up from $1,646 in 2020. That's a 767% increase in three years.

In April 2023, an investor bought this listing for $27,000. That was 6.84 times higher than the earnings in the last twelve months at the time of purchase.

Of all the tracks included, "Me U & Hennessy" has earned the most in the last twelve months with $16,257, followed by DMX and Monica's "Don't Gotta Go Home" with $529.

The collaboration between DMX and R&B singer Monica is featured on the Dark Prince of Hip-Hop's 2003 album, "Grand Champ." Monica sings from the perspective of a woman involved with a man who has another life to which he must return. DMX, with his gritty, intense delivery, is caught between his obligations and his feelings for Monica's character. 

In a 2024 interview, Monica recalls working with the late rapper. "Being in the studio with DMX was really an experience because he didn't wanna just work. He really wanted to spend some time, he wanted to talk and tell me about his family, and his wife, and their children. And I was talking to him about a lot of the things that were happening in my life and how I always had this plan of taking time off to focus solely on having kids and doing certain things, which I'm so glad I did."

In another interview with MTV, she shared, "We had a good time doing it because we have one of those types of relationships that makes it easy for us to work. We have an understanding for each other, so it came out really good."

Online streaming remains strong

Streaming continues to be the main source of earnings in the last twelve months with a total of $15,753. On Spotify, "Me U & Hennessy" has a total of almost 142 million streams.

Most music users come from YouTube, where the song has earned more than 100 million views between the original and remix. In the last twelve months, the music platform has contributed a total of $7,914 in earnings. Listeners on Snapchat, Apple Music and Spotify are also growing in number.

Why Invest in this Listing 

DeJ Loaf continues to be one of the most active rap artists today with an average of 6.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify. She's received Gold and Platinum awards from the RIAA for her singles, "Hey There," "No Fear," "Back Up," and "Try Me." After splitting from Columbia Records in 2019, she now independently produces her songs and album and collaborates with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Rick Ross, Lil Uzi Vert, and 6LACK. Her sold-out concert in 2023 in Madison, WI is one of her most successful to date. 

On the other hand, DMX still continues to be loved by his fans. He has 2.6 million subscribers on YouTube and around 10.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify

Until a good offer is accepted, the investor who purchased the catalog in 2023 will continue to earn. Since they bought the catalog a year ago, they’ve already earned $14,808! The current marketplace median price (based on other catalogs within a similar Dollar Age range) is at $70,550, so a very high ROI is expected from the catalog.

You too can earn from this catalog if you invest in these tracks. Check out its asset details today to make an offer. Royalty Exchange also has other hip-hop and R&B music catalogs that are up for auction today, so sign up as an investor to get started.

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