DeeBaby's Most Hated Song is Up 676% In Earnings

The Houston pride admits that the hit that catapulted him to fame isn't his tune.
May 2, 2024

Houston-based rapper DeeBaby has come a long way from his childhood days when his uncle was still teaching him how to freestyle. After three years of churning out commercial tracks, all eyes were on him when he dropped "Marz" in 2021. 

The track is a departure from the Mexican-American artist's previous releases. "Marz'' introduced listeners to his new direction in music. This song has a fast rhythmic beat and emotive lyrics that describe his life in the streets and his rise to fame. DeeBaby's infectious delivery is nothing short of raw and adds to his artistic growth and experimentation. But his fans were taken aback when he openly expressed his distaste for the song.

"I Hate That Song"

In one of his interviews, DeeBaby confessed his repulsion for "Marz" and the story behind it. "It's crazy I hate that song. That was the song that got me here [but], I hate that song. It was 'Marz' and 'Broken Promises' [that were] stuck in my email for a year and a half – both of them. I recorded 'Marz' in my grandma's garage, and I recorded 'Broken Promises' in my mama's garage. So I was going through something at that time and you know what? I'm saying just back and forth trying to get to stay out of everybody's way and style to certain areas that I was going through, but I can't believe those are the two songs that popped off." 

In the same interview, he added, "I didn't like the song. I just named it 'Marz' because the beat came from Marz Beatz. So in my home studio where I recorded that, I saved it under Marz and then I just dropped it. Really, I didn't like the song.”

The Black Diamond Entertainment rapper was referring to music producer MarzBeats95. He's known for working with other artists such as Money Man, Lil Skies, and Lucas Coly. The producer admitted that DeeBaby found the beat for the song when it only had around 1,000 views on YouTube.

This song proved to be the turning point in DeeBaby's career. Before the release of the song, DeeBaby was sitting around 2,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. He also had less than 3,000 subscribers on YouTube. Despite his personal feelings toward it, "Marz" has earned 13 million streams on Spotify and 23 million views on Youtube.

Huge Earnings from Royalty Income

Royalty income from "Marz" has demonstrated a huge uptick since its release in 2021. At Royalty Exchange, investors can earn revenue from royalties like this song. Royalty earnings for this song plus four other hits ("ByGones, "Fiji Freestyle", "If I Ain't Rap", and "ShootOut") only reached $2,521 three years ago. With DeeBaby's continued rise to rap great, total earnings jumped to $19,576 in 2023. A 676.48% increase compared to two years ago.

Over the last 12 months, "Marz" has contributed 83% of the total earnings among the five tracks, followed by "ShootOut". Streaming activities on Youtube, Spotify, and Apple Music have continued to rise.

Most of the earnings come from Mechanical Royalties (41%) compared to Performance Royalties (28%). To know the difference between these two and how you can earn from them, refer to our quick guide.

Why Invest in this Track 

There's no doubt that these tracks are growing, thanks to DeeBaby's surge in popularity. On Spotify, he has an average of almost 800,000 monthly listeners. He has more than half a million followers on Instagram. 200,000 subscribers on Youtube, and slated concerts in Houston and Dallas this year.

The investor who purchased this catalog continues to earn from each track. They’ve already received $16,132 in royalties since purchasing. The earnings will continue to line their pockets until they find an offer at any moment for the royalties. The current marketplace median price (based on other catalogs within a similar Dollar Age range) is currently at $73,119. With the right offer, the investor expects a very high ROI from these.

Check out this catalog's asset details today to make an offer. And don't forget to check out what other cool music catalogs are up for auction today, so sign up as an investor to get started.

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