Hello Nashville!

Royalty Exchange expands its artists relations team into Nashville
June 20, 2018

One of the most common questions we get is “Why are you based in Denver?”

After all, we’re a company focused on the intersection of music royalties and financial investments… neither of which have an industry presence in Denver.

Which is why we’ve spent a lot of time in Nashville over the last year. Nashville is known as Music City. It’s the songwriter capital of the country, with not only a critical mass of songwriters living and working there, but also a vibrant community of songwriter representatives and the organizations that support them.

We’ve kept an apartment in the city since the start of the year to support all the staff we’ve had visiting over the last several months. We’ve also started sponsoring local events held by songwriter organizations, such as BMI’s Rooftop On The Row concert series.

So today we’re excited to make our courtship with Nashville official by opening our first satellite office in the city.

Our VP of Strategic Development Nick Terzo is relocating from our Denver HQ to head up the local office in Nashville. Nick is a music industry veteran, with A&R experience at such labels as Columbia Records, Maverick Records, and Hollywood Records, not to mention a stint at ASCAP.

Nick Terzo

He’s a fierce artist advocate, and has been spearheading all our industry relations efforts since he came on board last year. He has already made a huge impact not just on Royalty Exchange, but for the creators who he’s helped with meaningful, lasting financial options. Having him in Nashville will make him more accessible, and allow him to continue these conversations more intimately and effectively.

Also moving to the city is our Artist Relations Manager Clayton Dickson. Clayton works directly with most of the creators who utilize our platform to raise money. You can expect him to be a constant and familiar presence in the Nashville music community, attending the showcases, meetups, and other events in the area. Be sure to look for him and say “hi” if you can.

Clayton Dickson

Finally, they both join Nashville resident Dustin Bank, who recently came on board as our Royalty Administration Manager. With former stints at Bluewater Music and Viacom, Dustin is well versed in the intricacies of publishing payments and administration.

Dustin Bank

So why Nashville? Why not L.A. or New York… both also major music industry hubs.

Well, nothing against those other cities (where we may expand to as well someday), but Nashville simply has the highest concentration of songwriters and supporting organizations in a condensed area than anywhere else in the country.

The entire town is geared towards empowering songwriters with resources, assets, and solutions. And that’s a mission we can support.

Songwriters today face new and unique pressures to their livelihood due to changing formats and business models. Royalty Exchange is certainly one of those changes, but we like to think the change we represent is one for the better… helping creators better cope with the shifting landscape of the music business with new financial options that put them in control.

Our mission has always been to add value to the creative community rather than taking from it (the way so many others entering the music space have). We’ve already brought over $30 million in new money into the music business from individual investors interested in music royalty opportunities, with another million added every month.

We’re looking forward to meeting all our new neighbors and colleagues in this exciting, growing city.

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