Headlines: What's Behind Catalog Valuations

The week that was in music royalties...
April 21, 2021

The Ins-and-Outs of Music Catalog Sales and the Behind-the-Scenes Players Advising Songwriters Who Cash Out (Variety)

While a who’s who of artists has already jumped on the catalog bandwagon, music attorneys expect the pace to continue, especially with bidders extending beyond obvious buyers.

Older Artists Are the Havens of Music Investing (WSJ)

Unlike older song catalogs that have settled into an established pattern, it is trickier to model the future cash flows of fresh releases. And new music isn’t growing as fast on digital platforms. Streams of tracks released in the 2000s are increasing at half the rate of songs from the 1960s.

Music royalties are a hit among yield-hungry investors (Globe & Mail)

There are not even a thousand cash-flowing royalties in the mining world, but there are millions of music royalties – albeit smaller and fragmented – that are appealing given the industry’s double-digit growth.
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