Headlines: Songs for Sale Special Report

Billboard publishes a special edition on music catalog sales
November 30, 2020

The 5 Things Most Investors Seek In A Song Catalog (Billboard)

Royalty Exchange identified five key factors that investors look for when considering whether to invest in a song or catalog.

Why The Music Publishing Market Is Still Booming — And How Long The Party Will Last(Billboard)

If you have a lot of access to capital and the cost of money is 3% to 4% and you’ve got an asset that you think is going to grow at 5%, your investment is not at risk at a 20 times multiple.

Music Is Now A Full Blow Category On Twitch (MBW)

The roll-out of Twitch’s new music directory comes less than two weeks after the company issued an apology to its users for its handling of the platform’s music-related copyright infringement issues earlier this year.
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