Headlines: Row Over Royalties

  in Industry News

Aug 10, 2020

In 2018, songwriters won a raise of sorts when the Copyright Royalty Board increased the amount streaming services had to pay in mechanical royalties by 44% over five years. Several digital services appealed these rates, and according to Billboard may have won the first round of that battle. 

Appeal Ruling on Publisher Royalty Rate Hike Looks Like it Favors Digital Services (Billboard)

It's unclear what happens next... More likely, the CRB would have to go back to the close of the trial component and build a new rate determination using guidelines or directions from the Appeals Court.

Paid Streaming Grows as Consumers Head Indoors (Again): Five Key Insights From Nielsen Music/MRC Data's COVID-19 Report (Billboard)

The highest percentage of survey respondents yet (said) they have added a new audio subscription streaming service over the prior two weeks. 

WMG Took a Hit Its First Quarter Since Going Public. Here’s Why It Isn’t Sweating, Even in a Pandemic (Billboard)

Some aspects of Warner’s second quarter were poor -- physical, digital sales, merchandise -- due to uncontrollable, outside forces. But COVID-19 has created new channels for labels and artists to exploit.