Headlines: Music IPOs

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Nov 16, 2020

French music distributor Believe targets 2 billion euro IPO (Reuters)

Paris-based Believe, also known as Believe Digital, Believe Music and Believe Distribution Services, helps connect artists with their audiences, distributing their music and videos digitally to online streaming and download services.

Round Hill Shares Slightly Up on First Day of Trading — What Happens Next? (Billboard)

Round Hill now has until Oct. 18, 2021, to issue the 83 million remaining shares, should market conditions support further fundraising toward the $375 million target, according to another contingency provision in the prospectus.

Sale Away: Biden's Proposed Tax Hike Could Spark More Publishing Deals This Year (Billboard)

Transactional attorneys in the publishing business say they're already taking more phone calls from songwriters interested in selling before January.