Headlines: More Mechanical Royalty Questions as MLC Goes Live

The week that was in music royalties...
January 18, 2021

The MLC Is Open for Business -- Now The Hard Part Begins (Billboard)

Some streaming services have said they would return to paying the 2013-17 rate of 10.5% of on-demand service revenue for all publishing royalties rather than the higher escalating-rate structure of 11.4% to 15.1%.

Germany Generated 139B Music Streams During 2020 (MBW)

That is almost a third more than in 2019 (107 billion), and three quarters more than in 2018, when 79.5bn streams were recorded in the market.

Ex-Geffen Head Plots $200m US IPO To Buy Music Rights (MBW)

If Jacobson pulls it off, it will net him and his team a nine-figure sum to go shopping… and they want to go shopping in the music business.

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