Headlines: Investors Remain Bullish On Royalties

Nov 09, 2020

Music Publishers Ask CRB to Set Interim Rates, Saying Further Delay May Lead to 'Free-for All' (Billboard)

Services this year are paying either 13.3% of revenue or 24.10% of its content costs to record labels, whichever is greater, as step one in the complex rate formula. So NMPA and NSAI are asking that those rates stand.

Music Investors Don’t Stop Believin’ in Streaming (WSJ)

Music royalties have grown more popular with investors as the growth of streaming services has helped reinvigorate the market for recorded music.

SOCAN Revenues Grew 8.2% in 2019, But Payments Shrunk By 6% (MBW)

According to SOCAN, this disparity was due primarily to what it describes as a “steep learning curve required for the company’s newly deployed technology to process international and television income."