Headlines: Institutional Investment Heats Up

  in Industry News

Oct 19, 2020

Warner Music Raises $250 Million To Fund Future Acquisitions (MBW)

Industry sources suggest that the new $250m debt figure is quite deliberate, and is likely to be spent on targeted acquisitions in the music space, rather than spent piecemeal on multiple smaller buyouts.

Round Hill Music Is Going Public: Everything You Need To Know (Billboard)

The company, when public, intends to continue to make further acquisitions, which will likely consist of small to medium sized catalogs with 100 to 1,000 songs of classic older songs that are diversified by artist, genre, decade and royalty type. It also includes the possibility of acquiring outright or an interest in other companies that own catalogs.

How The Election Could Shift Music Industry Policy (Billboard)

While there is no shortage of issues that differentiate Trump and Biden, music is generally not one of them. Both candidates have a record of pro-music politics and accomplishments.