Headlines: Deep Dives on Streaming Revenues, Pandemic Revenue Rebounds, and This Week's Catalog Deals

The week that was in music royalty news and deals
May 10, 2021

Growth drivers – what comes after streaming (MIDIA Research)

Streaming has been the biggest growth engine for the music industry over the last five years. So what comes next? MIDIA sidesteps the next format debate to instead focus on new business models including: 

  • Game integration and licensing
  • Social platforms
  • Creator tools
  • Next-generation sync licensing (micro-sync)
  • Livestreaming
  • Fitness
  • Fandom

Musicians Say Streaming Doesn’t Pay. Can the Industry Change? (New York Times)

The times examines both the rates streaming services pay songwriters, and the bigger question of how those payments are distributed.

Not enough of streaming’s bounty has made its way to musicians,  activists say, and the major platforms’ model tends to over-reward stars at the expense of everybody else.

BTS Label Big Hit Generated $161 Million in Q1, up 29% (MBW)

Just how big is K-Pop? The label behind K-Pop's biggest act—BTS—raked in $161 million in the first quarter of the year alone. That include not only licensing revenue, but likeness rights, merch, and more. See the full investor presentation in the article for more details.


Here are the biggest catalog acquisition of the week: 

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