Headlines: April 3, 2021

The Wall Street Journal and Forbes both highlight the momentum of music royalty investing. Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs revises their streaming music forecasts... Again.
May 3, 2021

For Music-Rights Deals, the Hits Keep Coming (Wall Street Journal)

Executives say the opportunity for music to make money is only just taking off as global markets come online with streaming and catalogs are licensed for use across social media, videogames and fitness apps.

Inside Paul Simon’s Catalog Sale: At $250 Million, It’s One Of Music’s Biggest (Forbes)

(The) battle has pushed up multiples for top-tier catalogs from about nine times the amount of annual royalties a decade ago to triple that today.

Goldman Sachs: Global Music Streaming Revenues Will Rise $3bn This Year (MBW)

We anticipate a faster shift to music streaming and greater monetisation of music content from new formats (e.g. short-form video, connected fitness, gaming, etc.), a trend that has been further accelerated by the pandemic.
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