Headlines: Another Music Royalty IPO

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Oct 12, 2020

Round Hill Set to IPO Next Month, Raising $375 Million (MBW)

Round Hill is believed to have identified a portfolio of catalogs from well-known songwriters and artists that it intends to acquire with the newly-raised capital.

BMG removes 'poisonous' label deduction that reduces artist-songwriter income - will others follow? (Music Week)

Across the US industry, the various discounts and caps which are contained in the so-called controlled composition clause cost songwriters an estimated $14 million (£10.8m) last year according to RIAA data.

For Music Publishers, Is Quarantine a Thrilling Opportunity or a Ticking Time Bomb? (Rolling Stone)

Warner Chappell, like its fellow major publishers Universal Music Publishing Group and Sony/ATV, will be far more insulated from the negative impact of the pandemic than many indie publishers.