Calm Your Brexit Fears with This Alternative Asset

June 10, 2016

While British voters considering a departure from the European Union, you should be buying one asset better that's better than gold

B will decide whether to engage in a society-altering event known as The Brexit.

Citizens will decide whether they want to depart the European Union, a move that would upend roughly two decades of free trade, political cooperation among nations, and €” well €” expensive bureaucracy.

It would be one of the most shocking changes to societal order should the second-largest economy in Europe decide to depart the world's largest economic bloc.

It also would come with dramatic economic ramifications.

The nation's Chancellor George Osborne says that the Brexit could leave British households worse off by thousands of pounds each year.

The International Monetary Fund and the Bank of England warn it could sink the British pound. However, it appears that almost half the country €” according to current polls €” are fed up with the high costs of European integration.

The Brexit has captured international headlines and raised significant concerns for investors.

The thing is, while everyone is talking about buying gold and what to do with stocks, there's an alternative asset that will offer cash-bursting returns no matter what British voters decide in the coming weeks.

It's in a sector that is highly resistant to economic uncertainty, and it's currently experiencing a revolutionary change that is set to unleash an incredible amount of profits upon investors.

This asset class is better than gold.

Gold Bugs Cheer for the Brexit

The worst part about the possibility of a Brexit is how unaware people are to the crisis.

If you recall 2008-2009, many people were sideswiped by the sharp economic downturn.

Those against the vote are worried that the British pound will fall against other currencies around the globe.

Analysts are projecting that gold prices could rise to $1,400 per ounce if they vote to exit.

The shiny metal is a good investment to have in your portfolio, but in the event that everything goes very badly, it's more of a door stop than a tradable asset over the short term.

You can't eat gold... you can't really spend it... and it doesn't generate any yield.

While gold prices may rise in the run up to the Brexit €” there are two things to consider. First, Britain may vote to stay in the EU, which would lead to a sharp decline in gold prices as uncertainty fades. Second, if British voters approve the accord, trade will be the bigger issue.

Remember, during the last economic crisis, gold prices cratered from more than $1,800 per ounce to just $681 per ounce.

That's because we didn't have hyperinflation during the Great Recession.

The world experienced a collapse in trade and deflationary pressures, problems that the Brexit could produce for England and the world.

Instead of speculating on gold prices ahead of this vote, you should keep your eye on one alternative asset that is flying under the radar because it's such a unique investment opportunity.

It's an asset that is largely immune from the Brexit concerns because it centers on an industry that doesn't face the macroeconomic risks that gold and other commodities do.

It has an entirely different risk profile, making it a unique form of diversification with the global economy at a cross roads.

We're talking about investing in music and entertainment royalties.

Get Less Gold and More Platinum

For your money, you should be getting less gold, and more platinum.

Platinum records and best-selling music offer remarkable investment opportunities for investors. They just need to understand how this process works €” and the huge gains and cash payments that can be realized through this innovated marketplace.

You see, every day, buyers and sellers of royalties come together to exchange the rights of best-selling songs, movies, and literature.

Recently, the rights to one of the world's most iconic love songs in recent memory sold at a price that provided a stunning 21.4% dividend.

This song has been played in films, headlined the advertising campaigns of mega-corporations like McDonald's Nissan, and Panasonic.

It's so popular because it carries the status as an evergreen song €” meaning its timelessness will ensure its continued use and demand in media and entertainment for years, even decades.

If someone said that you could get an 21.4% return for the next decade... and possibly even more because of how Hollywood and companies are always demanding music like this... you'd take it, right? Now is the time to consider the royalty industry as an alternative asset that can generate you strong returns on one of the most exciting industries in the world today.

While everyone is talking about Brexit, you'll find huge profits in your wheelhouse by sticking to something that has a proven cash flows from a product that people are going to buy.

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