10 Must-See Artists At Austin City Limits 2024: Tyler, the Creator, Dua Lipa, Chappell Roan, The Marias & More

Dive into ACL Festival 2024's exciting lineup featuring Dua Lipa, Tyler, The Creator, and more. Discover our top 10 picks for the ultimate live music experience!
May 7, 2024

One of the top music festivals in the US just dropped their much anticipated lineup this morning. The ACL lineup is packed with must-see acts. Let's dive into our top 10 favorite artists hitting the stage this year, spotlighting their recent work and why they're worth catching live!

1. Tyler, the Creator

Tyler has been busy since his critically acclaimed album "Call Me If You Get Lost." Known for his creativity and unique style, his performance is expected to be one of the festival's highlights, full of energy and innovation​. He recently dropped the deluxe version of the album last year and just put on one of the most epic Coachella sets in recent memory when he was the main headliner a month ago. 

2. Dua Lipa

Fresh from releasing her third studio album "Radical Optimism," Dua Lipa continues to enchant us with hits like "Houdini" and "Training Season." Her dynamic performances are a blend of pop and disco vibes that promise to electrify the ACL crowd​. If you’re a big Dua Lipa fan, check out how this investor bought a piece of her catalog on Royalty Exchange and is earning money from the songs. 

3. Chance Pena

Chance Pena, known for his heartfelt songwriting and acoustic style, continues to charm his way into the hearts of listeners. His fanbase has been growing exponentially with songs like “My Room” and “i am not who i was” going insanely viral on TikTok and Instagram in the past few years. His participation in ACL marks a significant step in his growing career.

4. Chappell Roan

Chappell Roan's powerful vocals and hauntingly beautiful tracks make her a must-watch. After shutting it down at Coachella last month in what many claim was the best set of the festival, her latest track “Good Luck, Babe!” has catapulted her to stardom. Her emotive performance style and lyrical depth will likely draw a captivated audience at ACL.

5. Kehlani

Kehlani has been captivating audiences with her deeply personal album "Blue Water Road," where she explored themes of healing and growth. Her latest single “After Hours” just dropped last month and it looks like she’s gearing up for a new album coming soon. Hopefully it drops before the festival in October! Her soulful R&B will undoubtedly add a layer of emotional depth to the festival​. One savvy fan bought the royalties to her song “Footsteps” last year and has been earning ever since! 

6. Vince Staples

Known for his sharp lyricism and potent social commentary, Vince Staples’ most recent album “RAMONA PARK BROKE MY HEART” dropped in 2022. He’s been busy lately releasing his debut Netflix series a few months ago to critical acclaim which he starred and directed in. His performance is bound to be a gripping reflection of his narrative prowess​. 

7. Jeezy

One of the godfathers of the Atlanta trap scene from the early-mid 2000’s, Jeezy has been at the forefront of mainstream rap music for over two decades. His latest project, the 2023 double album “I Might Forgive… But I Don’t Forget” was a sweeping masterclass of his charisma and gritty lyrics. His extensive catalog will likely fuel a nostalgic and powerful set.

8. Dominic Fike

Dominic Fike, known for his catchy pop and indie tracks like "3 Nights" brings his eclectic sound to ACL. He just released a teaser EP called “14 minutes” last week featuring demos that he says almost never saw the light of day. With recent appearances at major festivals and growing fame from "Euphoria," his stage presence is as compelling as his music​. 

9. Malcolm Todd

An emerging talent, Malcolm Todd has impressed with his soulful vocals and unique blend of R&B, pop, and indie influences. He’s currently embarking on a nationwide sold out tour and his latest project “Sweet Boy” is a taste for what’s to come, making his ACL debut highly anticipated​.

10. The Marias

This psychedelic-soul band is known for their smooth blend of jazz, funk, and modern psychedelia. The Marias have consistently delivered mesmerizing performances that make them a perfect fit for the eclectic vibes of ACL. They’ve just released two singles leading up to their new album slated for an end of May release. 

This year’s ACL Festival is set to be a spectacular showcase of talent across genres, promising unforgettable performances from both industry giants and rising stars. Make sure to catch these artists for a truly dynamic musical experience!

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