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Get Access to World Class Catalogs Before the General Public Sees Them

     And save money in the process.

There are 2 things investors ask us for:

  1. More deal flow with access to larger catalogs
  2. Guidance on valuing these unconventional assets

To deliver, we introduced the All Access Investor membership.

All Access Investor Benefits

All Access Investors gain access to the best catalogs we can offer, and save money investing in them. Here are all of the ways investors benefit from this membership.

Order Book Pilot Program Eligibility

The Order Book allows participating investors to leave standing orders for catalogs that meet specific criteria they define, which are then filled as matching catalogs enter our platform, bypassing the auction process.

This new investing platform offers:

  • Access to more royalties at lower prices
  • Hands-off, automatic catalog acquisition
  • Increased liquidity and dealflow
  • Uniform investment analysis and standardization
  • Improved risk management

Today, the Order Book is available through an invite-only pilot program limited to All Access Investor members.

Preview the Order Book here

Early and Discounted Access to Private Syndicate Deals

Private Syndicates grant access to some of the world’s best catalogs. These great deals are available exclusively to All Access Investor members first, before the general public.

Members receive access to investment documents, catalog financials, and can take their position before the general public even knows about the deal.

  • In our first Private Syndicate offering for the catalog of Grammy-winning rock band Cage the Elephant (click here to view Billboard article), All Access Investors claimed 94% of available shares and saved an average of $5,375 on their investment thanks to their membership.
  • In our second offering for the catalog of legendary classic rock band Dire Straits (click here to view Billboard article), All Access Investors oversubscribed the offering by over 85% and saved an average of $5,525 on their investment thanks to their membership.

Members reported that this benefit has been the greatest perk of their membership, with savings often outweighing the cost of their membership. One investor reported saving over $27,000 on his purchase in one syndicate. Those are savings on an investment forecasted to yield 12-15% return over 10 years.

Exclusive Valuation Tools

The biggest challenge to royalty investing is knowing how to value these assets accurately.  With other types of investments, you have access to more standardized data, comparables, and market indications. With music royalties, investors often have to create their own research and strategies.

Not for All Access Investors…

Members have access to the proprietary model that we use to value and price these assets. Backed by years of data from hundreds of catalogs we’ve valued, the model can analyze terminal value, yield,  and projected cash flows from any kind of asset.

Armed with this model, members are able to accurately determine their ideal entry point for any given opportunity.

The result is more confident royalty investing decisions, from choosing the right catalogs, to setting the right price, and more.  

Waived Buyer’s Fees

Royalty Exchange administers royalty payments on behalf of investors who acquire royalties through our marketplace. The price of this benefit comes in the form of a one-time, $500 buyer’s fee applied to the final price of every auction.

This fee is waived for All Access Investor members. For investors who participate in multiple auctions, this can result in savings in the thousands of dollars.

Member Insights and Guidance

All Access Investors receive a monthly report on music industry and royalty investment insights. For example, one such report detailed a tax benefit for royalty investors that could result in a significant savings in taxes owed.

Beyond that, our Head of Investor Relations is always available to All Access Investor members for questions on particular catalogs, guidance on pricing, and more.

Discounted Listing Costs

While most investors purchase royalties as long-term investments, some choose to sell after a few years. All Access Investor members enjoy a 20% discount off our commission on each sale.

How To Join

Become an All Access Investor member today to start enjoying all the features of the membership immediately.


If you have more questions about upcoming private syndicates or wish to learn more about the All Access Investor membership, message our Head of Investor Relations, PJ Miklus.

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NOTE: If you are not completely satisfied with your membership, you can cancel your membership within 30 days of joining and receive a full refund of the membership fees.