Become A Full Time Artist With Music Monetization | The Music Development Agency

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Jan 31, 2018

For many people, being a full-time musician is a dream come true. Many struggle with making enough money to support themselves with a “regular job.” Hitting big as a musician is even further away from reality. While it is difficult to create and sustain income from creative projects, it isn’t impossible to attain. Creating a viable income for yourself with music monetization takes plenty of dedication and work.

Making money in the traditional sense of the music industry is incredibly difficult right now. With the innovation of the internet, music streaming and downloading took a large portion of money from the industry. As the Internet matured and gained greater number of users, people in the music industry discovered new ways to interact with those users.

Having a strong brand presence is the difference between being successful and failing to be noticed. As a musician or someone working in the music industry, growing your online presence will directly relate to making money. In order to be effective with music monetization, musicians need to learn smart brand and marketing techniques.

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