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Why sell royalties?

Royalty Exchange offers a centralized, online marketplace to sell royalties of all types, including music, film, TV, book, solar energy, pharmaceutical, intellectual property and oil/gas industries.

More than 15,000 investors are registered on our platform seeking to acquire royalties as an alternative investment strategy. We provide the means to reach this community of interested buyers and conduct royalty sales with control and confidence.

Like anyone else, creative professionals sometimes need funding for both professional and personal purposes.

  • fund a new project
  • buy a house or vehicle
  • support charitable cause
  • make investments
  • pay off debt

While royalties generate consistent revenue, it can take time for their trickle of income to build up into meaningful amounts. Selling even just a small share of your royalties is a quick and easy way to do so without losing copyright control. Nor is it an “all-in” deal that leaves you with no lasting position in your ongoing royalties.

We accept royalties from multiple industries including entertainment (music, books, movies, TV shows), energy, trademark, patent or any other source of royalty generating item. Our expert team works with you every step of the way to ensure you achieve your desired results. And our open platform means bidding is done transparently, guaranteeing you get the best price the market can support.

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We work with you to define the percentage of your royalty up for sale, minimum sale price and auction format.


We do all the work! No up-front costs, and it's free to list your item.

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Our large community of investors will compete in our auction-marketplace to give you the highest value for your royalty stream.


After your listing sells and documents are signed, Royalty Exchange will send your payment in less than 14 days.

Customer Service

Professional assistance in pricing your royalty stream and determining the ideal percentage of your royalty stream to sell in our marketplace.


The Royalty Exchange offers private and institutional auctions to ensure the privacy of your listing and involved parties.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“The service was outstanding! The Royalty Exchange did all the work. I would highly recommend working with them!”
Johnny Britt
Award-Winning Jazz Musician
“Royalty Exchange was the perfect connection for me.”
Brian Tarquin
Emmy-Winning Composer
“I would give my experience with Royalty Exchange a 10 out of 10! They were always professional, helpful, and answered all of my questions in a timely fashion.”
Prestion Glass
Legendary Producer & Songwriter