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Bid on 80% of the songwriter’s share of BMI public performance royalties generated by the song “Replay”, performed by pop singer Zendaya.

Royalty Type: Starting Price: Time Left:
Music $37,600
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Country Wide

Bid on 100% of the publisher's share of public performance, mechanical, synchronization and other royalties for, and the copyright attributable to Mike Dekle's...
Auction Type: Single-Unit
Starting Price: $204,000
Time Left:

Clawson Collection

Bid on 50% of the BMI publisher's share and 50% of the mechanical writer's share royalties from a collection of songs written by Rodney Clawson. This catalog...
Royalty Type: Music
Sale Price: $164,285
Number of Bidders: 30

Sweetwater Wind Farm

Bid on 50% of energy royalties generated by a set of six wind turbines at Sweetwater Windpower in Texas. These royalties are payable by Infigen Energy, a sustainable...
Royalty Type: Energy
Sale Price: $94,000
Number of Bidders: 45

Clement Collection

Bid on a percentage of publishing (performance, mechanical and other) royalties derived from songwriter Edmund Clement’s co-publishing catalog with Universal Music...
Royalty Type: Music
Sale Price: $113,000
Number of Bidders: 59

Tarquin Ctlg (SESAC)

Bid on 100% of the SESAC performance royalties from the catalog of Emmy Award winning composer/guitarist Brian Tarquin. This is a catalog of Production Music and...
Royalty Type: Music
Sale Price: $250,000
Number of Bidders: 38

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