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Royalties for the Certified-Gold Song “2AM.” by Adrian Marcel

This is a chance to own a piece of the hottest club song of the 2014 summer. This single-song auction is for ownership of 100% of the seller’s ASCAP songwriter's share for the certified-gold R&B/Hip Hop song “2AM.” by Adrian Marcel. The song sold more than 500,000 copies and hit #29 on the US Hot R&B Chart when it was released.
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Invest in Latin America’s Surging Music Market Growth through this Royalty

Royalty Type: ASCAP Writer's Share
Past 12 Months' Royalties: $13,679
Starting Bid Price: $75,000
Registered Bidders: 25

Writer’s Share Royalties From Soulful Hit Country Song “What We Ain’t Got”

Royalty Type: Songwriter
Past 12 Months' Royalties: $81,911
Past 12 Months' Royalties (excluding radio): $9,374
Starting Bid Price: $20,000
Sale Price: $50,500
Registered Bidders: 76

A Consistent Income-Generating Royalty that is a Part of Hip Hop History

Royalty Type: Publisher, Writer, Producer
Past 12 Months' Royalties: $7,225*
Investment Term Life of author + 70 years
Starting Bid Price: $30,000
Sale Price: $41,000
Registered Bidders: 71

Royalties from Hit Rap and R&B Songs

Royalty Type: Sony, BMI Writers, SoundExchange
Past 12 Months' Royalties: $8,972
Starting Bid Price: $25,000
Sale Price: $33,000
Registered Bidders: 43
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How Our Auctions Work

A single-unit auction is an auction where only one whole investment asset is made available. Buyers can only place bids for the whole asset and there can be only one winner of the auction. Winning bids are binding legal contracts with the seller.

Royalty Exchange uses the Five Minute Rule for auctions, whereby if a bid is placed in the final five minutes of an auction the listing will stay open for an additional five minutes. There is no limit to the number of times an auction can be extended, so we recommend that bidders check back often as an auction nears closing time. When the auction has officially come to a close, the listing will indicate "Auction is Closed."

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