Thank You

Here's How Royalty Exchange Works:

First, you'll speak with one of our account representatives, who will help you set up an account. Then - you'll send us the documents that prove you own the residuals along with your residual statements that show the payment history for your intellectual property.

Second, our valuation team will review your contract and payment history and give you a free no-obligation estimate of the value of your intellectual property. After that, we'll put together a sellers listing agreement, which includes a reserve price and bid increment, based on the size of the deal.

Third, we post your auction on our site, where more than 5,000 high-net-worth individuals can bid and compete to purchase your residuals. Because thousands of investors are competing for your residuals, you'll earn a higher payout.

Why Sell Your Residuals?

  • Invest In Your Future Work: You can take the upfront payment for your residuals and use it to finance the next project you want to work on. With cash in hand, you'll have more freedom and flexibility to pursue the next thing.
  • Reduce Your Risk: Selling part of your catalog now means you're not at the mercy of streaming service payout changes or anything else that could impair your future income.
  • Your Personal Finances: Selling your residuals could be your best option, if you need the money now and can't wait for the future income to cover your expenses. We make sure you get paid quickly.


Keegan from our team will be in touch soon!