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Major Label Money – Stay Totally Independent

There's nothing better than getting a big advance. It’s the validation of your hard work, and it’s money you can use to push your career even further.

If you make music, a royalty advance is the best way to finance your career.

But, for independent artists, it can be hard to find financing for a new album release, booking studio time, or funding a tour.

That’s why we created a better financing option. It allows TuneCore artists to raise money like you're signed to a major while staying completely independent.

Keep reading to see how it works, or request a custom valuation by letting us know a little bit about your music.

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Meet 27,000 Investors who want to buy into your music

Three years ago, we knew that investors outside the music industry wanted a way into music without having to buy a record label. We also knew that music creatives were getting into bad deals because there was no better option. So, we created one solution to fix both problems.

Artists come to Royalty Exchange and use the royalties from their older songs to raise money from these private investors. Investors pay upfront for a share of the royalties from those older songs in the future, allowing you to pull that income forward.

We’ve raised over $60 Million in the last three years for music creators by connecting them with investors, and now our TuneCore advance allows independent artists to participate on the platform.

How Do Deals Work?

We structure the deals on Royalty Exchange in what we call a term advance. You can choose to work with just a few of your songs, a percentage of royalties, or everything.

And, here is why a term advance is better than what you could get from a record label or private advance company:

  • No Recoupment Balance – A traditional advance will require you to pay back the money you are advanced (and more). A Royalty Exchange advance lasts for a set term and the royalties return to you regardless of how they performed.

  • No Future Works Included – You keep 100% of the royalties from all the future songs you release.

  • No Copyrights – Getting an advance does not require you to give up the copyrights to your music.

By keeping it time based, you don’t have to worry about repayments or your future royalties. You can focus on what you do best - making music.

The Last Advance You’ll Ever Need

Term advance is designed to be the last advance you’d ever need.

  • Pulling more of your future royalties forward lets you get a bigger payment today – Regular advances only get you enough to hold you over to your next advance, a Term Advance gets you more money to put to work.
  • The contract for a Term Advance is two pages long – Written in language that anyone can understand, you know exactly what the terms are. Compare that to the thick, 36-page novels that most advance companies will have you sign.
  • There are no future obligations – What you do next is totally up to you. That means you can produce the tracks you want to produce and write the songs you want to write.

TuneCore Catalogs We've Worked With



    Amount Raised: $94,000

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Stories From The Green Line

    Cam Meekins

    Amount Raised: $30,850

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“Sin City”


    Amount Raised: $92,000

     See the deal »

What Can You Raise?

If you want to see what your TuneCore earnings could raise, let us set up a custom valuation.

We examine at a catalog’s earnings, age, genre and dozens of other attributes to identify its value. 

Get a custom valuation of your TuneCore royalties for free. Give us some basic information about your catalog and an artist relations managers will get in touch in 24 hours.

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Your Information is Secured

Information submitted through this secure form is private and confidential.