These Songwriter Royalties Just Sold at More Than 150% Above the Listing Price

Jake Owen's "What We Ain't Got"

Songwriter royalties to one of country music's most soulful hits sold at Royalty Exchange. The final sale was 150% above the auction's reserve price.

There was a big “yee-haw” after the royalty sale to Jake Owen's smash hit “What We Ain't Got.” The frenzied, 76-participant auction ended with a final bid of $50,500.

The reserve price for “What We Ain't Got” was set at $20,000.

Artist Owen recorded the song in 2013, with the help of writer Travis Jerome Goff. It was one of the most popular songs on Owen's fourth studio album “Days of Gold.” The album received a five-star review from Got Country Online.

"What We Ain't Got" has been popular in recent years. The ballad is about the singer's desire to get back a person whom he loves but has left him. Owen had said that he thought releasing the song was a risk.

The musician is best known for his popular, uptempo songs about partying. Music critic Markos Papadatos of Digital Journal rated the song 4.5 out of 5 stars. Papadatos praised the lyrics and Owen’s “rich yet haunting baritone vocals.”

The song was part of a heavy rotation on the radio. It earned more than $81,911 in royalties from the medium. Radio royalties do tend to quickly drop off after the first year of a song's release.

The real royalty value in the future comes from streaming, television, and other media.

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Auction results in over 5 years worth of earnings

Goff was happy with the song's performance, but earnings had dropped significantly. Rather than wait for the income to arrive, he came to Royalty Exchange to seek some capital for future projects. 

“What We Ain't Got” started on the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 95 in January 2015. Since then, fans have watched the song 6.5 million times on YouTube. It has averaged 10,000 daily views over the past year.

Royalty Exchange offered was able to find a solution that allowed the songwriter to keep his claim on the copyright while receiving a large upfront payment for the expected value of future royalty streams for the song.

Minus radio royalties, the songwriter share generated $9,734 from other sources over the last 12 months. The $50,500 sale for these songwriter rights is five times more than the annual income stream.

That's a fantastic value.

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