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Royalty Exchange Business Overview

Royalty Exchange committed to unlocking the financial power of intellectual property to everyone.

Until now, royalty transactions took place in private. They were available only to industry insiders who held all the cards.

This kept prices low and values cloaked in mystery. Deals were all-or-nothing, take-it-or-leave-it offers. Only the biggest and richest creators could attract interested buyers. And private investors lost out on opportunities for significant returns.

We're disrupting this outdated system. Our online marketplace introduces competition, transparency, and honesty to the process. It brings together creators and investors to offer something the other needs, and share a mutual benefit.

The result creates more value for everyone involved. Creators get access to interested buyers, as well as control over what they sell and who they sell to. Investors get access to royalty earning assets, and a liquid market to buy and sell them. And the industry gains free-market insights into the value of its intellectual property.

Download the Convertible Note Overview below. In it, we'll discuss the traction we've developed and the key growth plans. 

If you have any questions about the business, convertible note or process please contact: 
Jeff Schneider
CFO, Royalty Exchange

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