Everything you need to know about selling IP & patent royalties

Monetizing IP & Patent Royalties

The first thing any inventor wants to do with their new idea or design is patent it. Patent-holders are granted complete ownership over their invention and are given full control over how their inventions are used, allowing them the financial rewards of their work. However, the financial outcome of any invention requires an extended period of time to accumulate. At Royalty Exchange, we have found a way to provide innovative minds like you, a more upfront and timely way to reap the beneficial outcomes of your creation.

We specialize in working with owners of Utility Patents, Design Patents and Agricultural Patents. By connecting them with accredited investors, we help patent-holders and owners of intellectual property rights (IP) monetize and convert their future royalty payments into passive income for the investor and upfront cash for them.

Every time the supplier whom a patent or IP rights owner holds an agreement with sells one of their products, a royalty is paid. In other cases, when manufacturers produce a patented idea or design, a yearly license fee is paid to the patent or IP rights holder. With Royalty Exchange, future royalty payments and license fees of patents and IP rights can become the upfront cash you need to fund upcoming projects, pay off debt or meet any other financial obligation you may have.

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How Royalty Exchange Works

  • We provide potential sellers with free no-obligation estimates
  • A seller’s listing agreement is signed, and the auction detail page is produced.
  • We work with the seller to identify the best auction Reserve Price for the royalty asset (if it doesn’t sell at reserve there is no cost to seller).
  • Thousands of investors bid and compete for the listing, driving up the value.
  • We handle the closing process and get the proceeds to the seller as quickly as possible.

Why You Would Sell Your Royalties

Investment: Upfront royalty payments can be a source of revenue to pursue possible investment opportunities.

Expand: Monetizing your assets can help with future projects.

Less Risk: Selling a portion of royalty revenue can decrease your risk.

Personal Finance: Every transaction is completed in a timely manner, providing you with fast, upfront cash to meet your needs.

As a landowner, operator or developer, you may find that monetizing your renewable energy assets could be of great use to meet financial obligations. We will work very closely with you to reassure a most suitable and time-efficient outcome for the sale of your renewable energy assets. If you would like to learn more or are interested in selling, please feel free to contact us!

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“It has been my pleasure working with Royalty Exchange. The people there are experts and have reputations for integrity and fair dealing.”

Bob Rice
Editor at Bloomberg & Founder of Tangent Capital