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Getting an advance used to take weeks — maybe months — of negotiations, renegotiations, and then finally agreeing on terms that you weren't initially sold on in the first place. Now, you can instantly see exactly what investors will offer for your catalog... and then get paid in days. And... you get a free analysis of your catalog performance in the process. 

No More Bad Deals

Right now, a group of both individual and institutional investors are competing against each other to give you money. They are hovering over their keyboards, upping bids, and changing orders all for one reason — they want to invest in the kind of royalty income your back catalog makes. 

Why do they want to own a part of your catalog? The three things we hear over and over again are

  1. They want to diversify their investments outside of the stock market
  2. They love music and want to show off the tracks that they "own"
  3. They want to be a part of the music industry, without having to buy a record label

Since 2016, songwriters, producers, and artists have raised over $50 Million from these investors. Now, we've made it easier for you to connect with them and receive instant offers for your catalog with no obligations or time wasted on your part.

The terms of every deal are very simple, and are created to put you in charge.

Choose what part of your royalties you wish to keep

Get paid in days after the deal closes

Royalties offered automatically return to you after 10 years

Identity is kept completely anonymous

No future works included.

Investor has no influence on future creative works

Get a free analysis of your catalog's performance

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Getting live investor offers only takes a few minutes.

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You won't know what investors are willing to pay you for your hard-earned, creative work until you get started. Signing up only take a few minutes, and you'll be able to see live investor offers as soon as your account it ready. It's free, and you're not obligated to sell anything or pay anyone.

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