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A Free Catalog Valuation for SoundBetter Pros

You wouldn’t sell your house before you see how much Zillow says it's worth. And, you shouldn’t enter a new publishing deal or take an advance without knowing your catalog’s value.

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About Royalty Exchange

Royalty Exchange helps songwriters, producers and artists understand their royalty earnings and raise money. In three years, musicians have raised over $57 million to build a studio, buy a house, or launch a solo project on our marketplace.

Now, SoundBetter pros get access to the Royalty Exchange platform and a free expert valuation analysis of your music catalog.

You'll get a dedicated analyst who will review your music royalties and provide you with a custom valuation and analysis of your catalog. This can often cost thousands of dollars (the bill for a big catalog valuation often costs $20,000 or more).

You’ll get it for free.

What You'll Do With This Information

Negotiate Your Next Deal

You wouldn’t sell a house without first checking it’s estimated value is on Zillow. And, you shouldn’t enter a new pub deal or take an advance without knowing your music catalog’s value.

Having a hard number that you know you’re music is worth is a valuable negotiating tool. Plus, the valuation is backed up by data from hundreds of thousands of songs and over 500 transactions on the Royalty Exchange marketplace.

Make Smart Decisions

Knowing which songs are your top performers and where they’re headed means you can make intelligent decisions about your music. What songs should you keep with your current publisher, what songs can you move around?

And, if you see your royalties trending downward, you’ll know to prepare for the future.

Raise Money On Royalty Exchange

Your custom valuation is based on real data from our platform. The prices we present in the valuation are what the network of thousands of investors on Royalty Exchange would pay for your catalog.

If you’re in the market to Raise Money for a new project or move, Royalty Exchange is the marketplace where you can make it happen.

Total Raised for Rightsholders


as of APRIL 2019

How To Get Started

Click below to request a custom catalog valuation. You'll be asked some basic questions about your catalog, and then we will have an artist relations manager get in touch and walk you through the valuation process.

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Success on Royalty Exchange


Raised for songwriting credits on Jay-Z's "Empire State Of Mind"


Raised for songwriter on the Doobie Brother's "Black Water"


Raised on BMI royalties for Avicii's "The Nights" and more EDM


Raised for 90's Hip-Hop Sound Recording royalties


Raised for rock band, Cage The Elephant, publishing royalties


Raised for producer credits on Meek Mill, Drake and other superstars

We founded Royalty Exchange in 2016 with the goal to give songwriters, producers, and musicians the freedom to make fast, smart decisions about their music royalties. Three years later, and we’ve raised over $50 million for rightsholders.

Our commitment to transparency and fairness in the music industry is why hundreds of musicians work with us and trust our platform.