Success of the Disney Auctions

Aug 19, 2011

The recent Disney auctions, including songs from Snow White, Dumbo, Bambi and Peter Pan, were a huge success. All of the auctions were purchased by various bidders, and the site made nearly $36,000 in revenue.

The auctions featured songs from the catalog of Frank Churchill, the man behind the music of every classic Disney song up until 1942.

The largest auctions contained hit tracks from Snow White, including "Heigh Ho" and "Whistle While You Work". The other eight auctions contained songs from Mickey Mouse/Donald Duck shorts, Peter Pan, The Three Little Pigs, Bambi, Dumbo and a number of other classic Disney shorts.

The auctions currently up on are Johnny Britt, Eric Benet and Rodney O.

Rodney O auctions end on 9/4/2011

Johnny Britt auctions end on 9/18/2011

Eric Benet auctions end on 9/18/2011.