Sell Your Renewable Energy Royalty Rights, Music Royalties and More! Royalty Roundup February 18 - 24

Feb 23, 2015

Sell Your Renewable Energy Royalty Rights, Music Royalties and More!

Royalty Investments 2015

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ARIA for Song Writers and Publishers:  ARIA makes it fast and easy for songwriters, producers and publishers to analyze complete royalty data and catalogues.  ARIA will save you time & money by providing true transparency of royalties.  Watch this video to learn more!

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Renewable Energy Royalty Rights: Geothermal, Wind Farm and Solar Farm Owners, turn your land lease payments into money, sell revenue from your Power Purchase Agreement, or offset tax burden and sell your tax credits. 

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Royalties for Geothermal Energy Sold
3 Doors Down Music Royalties

Past Auction Sales

  • MidAmerican Energy: SOLD: $200,000: Royalty interests to electricity gross revenue production from 2 geothermal plants owned by Berkshire Hathaway, operated by MidAmerican Energy's CalEnergy in California.

    • Camp Springs II Wind Farm: SOLD $175,000 25% royalty interest in Camp Springs Energy Center II Wind Farm located in Scurry County just outside of Snyder, Texas and consists of 87 General Electric 1.5 sle wind turbines and is run by Chicago-based Invenergy Wind LLC.
  • 3 Doors Down: SOLD $242,000 Producer Royalties for 11 tracks recorded and performed by alt-rock band, 3 Doors Down. The song collection includes Billboard Hot 100 hit songs such as Kryptonite, Be Like That and When I'm Gone.

Royalty Investments 2015insiderLearn more about assessing royalty assets and check out the online-publication Royalty Insider!

Royalty Review: Invest in The Thin White Duke: What a difference 17 years makes.  Monetizing music royalties started with the Bowie, but they're finally coming into the mainstream today.  In Royalty Review this week, investment analyst, Jonathan Hoenig discusses a low cost means for artists and investors, to directly sell or invest in music royalties. Click here to read more.

The Renewable Energy Boom: Investors Take Note:
It's no surprise that renewable energy of all types is drawing enthusiastic investors. And, the marketplace for investing in royalty income streams is expanding thanks to the new trend of securitizing intellectual property assets.  Although energy is not considered intellectual property, like it shares a similarity with IP in that it generates an income streams or royalty that can be sold as a separate entity from the underlying property.   Click here to read more.

David Bowie

Solar Power and Wind Farm

Royalty Investments 2015


Pandora Making Bid to Unruffle Music World: "Now Pandora wants to persuade musicians far outside its walls that the company has their best interests at heart, too. Read more here.

Why Canada's royalty rates are shortchanging musicians: "The conflict is about how to set the value on the intellectual property rights of music creators, a difficult task at best. A wrong price would put at risk the profitability and development of the music industry as well as the livelihood of musical artists. Read more here.

Texas woman tricked out of 'Fifty Shades' royalties : court ruling:  A Fort Worth jury has decided that a Texas woman was defrauded out of royalty rights to the tantalizing best-selling novel "Fifty Shades of Grey" and stands to earn a large award, her lawyer said on Friday. Read more here.

A Cheat Sheet for Copyright Reforms: Radio Royalties, Simplified Licensing and More: The complex issue of copyright reform took center stage during the Grammy Awards telecast on Feb. 8 when Recording Academy chief Neil Portnow urged Congress to ensure that "new technology [pays] artists fairly. Read more here.

Chesapeake Energy faces another royalties lawsuit: More than 50 landowners have filed a federal lawsuit against Chesapeake Energy, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. It's the latest in a slew of lawsuits directed at the Oklahoma City-based driller, alleging it fraudulently withholds gas royalty money. Read more here.