Monetizing Renewable Energy Assets

Mar 13, 2015

solar cell energy panels and wind turbineMonetizing Renewable Energy Assets

The production of wind, solar and geothermal energy are on the rise and Royalty Exchange is working with professionals in the Renewable Energy Industry to help keep the momentum going.

We specialize in connecting land lease owners and or royalty rights holders with accredited investors, creating valuable and timely transactions for both parties. We provide landowners and developers of renewable energy an efficient way to get cash for their Land Lease Agreements, Power Purchase Agreements, Tax Credits and other sources of royalty revenue payments.

Wind farms, solar farms and geothermal plants provide reoccurring revenue payments anywhere from 10 to 30 years.  These periodic payments can act as passive income for investors with a long time horizon, and at the same time, can be converted into upfront lump sum cash for the immediate financial needs of the individual land owner. 

How Royalty Exchange Works:

- We provide land lease owners free no-obligation estimates 
- A sellers listing agreement is signed and the auction detail page is producedScreen-Shot-2015-03-18-at-1.00.20-PM-283
- We work with the land lease owners to identify the best Reserve Price (if it doesn't sell at reserve there is no cost to seller)
- Thousands of investors bid and compete for the listing, driving up value
- We handle the closing process to get the proceeds as fast as possible to the seller 

Why Sell?

Investment: Upfront royalty payments can be a source of revenue to pursue possible investment opportunities.
Expand: Monetizing your assets can help with buying more land and fulfilling other impractical land transactions.
Less Risk: Selling a portion of royalty revenue can decrease your risk.
Personal Finance: Every transaction is completed in a timely manner, providing you fast upfront cash to meet your needs

As a landowner, operator or developer, you may find that monetizing your renewable energy assets could be of great use to meet financial obligations. We will work very closely with you to reassure a most suitable and time-efficient outcome for the sale of your renewable energy assets.  If you would like to learn more or are interested in selling, please feel free to contact us!