Introducing Our Newest Songwriting Chart: Christian Hitmakers

Jun 01, 2018

The Christian music world is booming, with investor appetite for religious music assets at an all-time high. In fact, in the past year, we've helped 19 different Christian songwriters raise money with their catalogs so they could reinvest in new projects. And on average, they received almost 7 times what their royalties had brought in the past year. 

A large part of this interest has to do with the longevity of religious songs. While many commercial songs eventually fade in popularity over time, Christian music is continually covered by different artists and worship groups, with consistent, ongoing performances. And the genre is more approachable than ever, with Christian country-rock groups like NEEDTOBREATHE achieving repeat mainstream airplay. 

In everything we do, we're committed to the unsung heroes behind the scenes and their stories. So in order to better showcase the songwriters behind this burgeoning genre, we're debuting a brand new songwriter chart, just for them, using rankings from Billboard's Hot Christian Songs chart

Hot Hitmakers

Recognizing the songwriters behind the biggest hits of the week

June 2, 2018

Bart Millard

"Grace Got You"   MercyMe
"Happy Dance"   MercyMe
"I Can Only Imagine"   MercyMe
"I Can Only Imagine (The Movie Session)"   MercyMe

Jason Ingram

"God of All My Days"   Casting Crowns
"He Still Does (Miracles)"   Hawk Nelson
"Fear Is A Liar"   Zach Williams

Matt Maher

"What A Friend"   Matt Maher

Michael Fatkin

"So Will I (100 Billion X)"   Hillsong UNITED
"So Will I (100 Billion X)"   Hillsong Worship
"Touch of Heaven"   Hillsong Worship

Andy Mineo

"Clarity"   Andy Mineo
"I Ain't Done"   Andy Mineo

Ran Jackson

"Reckless Love (Spontaneous)"   Bethel Music
"Reckless Love"   Cory Ashbury
"Reckless Love"   Passion [ft. Melodie Malone]

Leonard Cohen

"Leonard Cohen: Hallelujah (arr. cello & strings)"   Sheku Kanneh-Mason, Didier Osindero, Alinka Rowe, & Yong Jun Lee

Brooke Fraser

"New Wine"   Hillsong Worship

Matt Kearney

"Face to Face"   Matt Kearney

Benjamin Hastings

"So Will I (100 Billion X)"   Hillsong UNITED
"So Will I (100 Billion X)"   Hilsong Worship
"Details"   Sarah Reeves